Buyer consolidation

Buyer’s Consolidation is one of the logistics services wherein a forwarder concentrates suppliers’ cargo in designated warehouses on behalf of buyers, loads various goods together in containers and transports them to the buyers. Concentrating scattered logistics operations makes it possible to realize more efficient transport than separate shipments by reducing logistics costs, lead time and inventories, and easing buyers’ warehousing operations.

At HNA Logistics, we provide logistics solution for big buyers who have regular inbound shipments in one specific area. With our experiences plus advanced system technology, we can estimate your volume and pick up cargo daily or weekly from your suppliers then at our local hub, we consolidate all of your cargoes into one container ( if the minimum volume is reached ) afterwards we will ship to your factory destination. If the total volume can not be reached, we can combine your cargoes with other customers and definitely you can save cost and time too. With a flexible schedule in a week, we can give the customer a wise option of delivery on time.

Advantages of HNA services

  • - Saving cost: buyers just pay one time of fee instead of paying many times
  • - Reduction of lead time
  • - All purchasing orders are under control by our HNA portal system


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